How to Track Your Partner without Them Knowing: Your Guide to Partner Tracking

How to Track Your Partner without Them Knowing

Its common psychology to check up on your partner and nothing is really wrong with it. You can definitely be concerned about their well being. Also sometimes, people have trust issues. If you have just started a relationship or your partner has broken your trust earlier, it’s better to keep an eye on him or her.

But how can you track them? If you employ a spy, that would cost you much and you cannot engage a spy for lifelong to check on your partner. Also, calling him or her in every five minutes can evoke doubt that you are suspecting them.

So, how can you track them without letting them know? Well, actually there’s a wide array of ways for tracking your partners. But whichever you choose, you need to ensure that the method is full proof and must weigh the pros and cons. Today, we will enlist some cool ways that you may employ to track your partner’s activity. So without further ado, let’s dive in.

The traditional way of partner tracking

The traditional way of partner tracking
The traditional way of partner tracking

Do it yourself

Nothing can be better than DIY once it comes to tracking your partner. Not only can you always keep them under observation, but you can also catch them red-handed if something goes wrong. There’s no way he or she can play with your eyes or lie to you once you are chasing them yourself.

Pros of tracking your partner yourself

  1. You can always keep them under observation
  2. They cannot lie to you anymore
  3. You can catch them red-handed if something is wrong. They may bribe a professional spy but not you
  4. If you find that even after following for days, they are totally true to you, you can grow a distinct affection for them.

Cons of tracking your partner yourself

  1. You cannot have your own life as you will have to follow them every time.
  2. Sometimes it’s not feasible to follow your partner. Take these two examples into account. Suppose you have thrown a house party. Can you really track your partner down to his or her office when guests are waiting for you two at home? Also, suppose you have an invitation to your friends. Do you want to cancel that every time for the sake of tracking your partner?
  3. You have to stay disguised while tracking your partner. Otherwise, they can find you out. And constantly wearing and removing the disguise and makeup is another hassle. Also, you will have to keep all these items in a discreet manner so that your partner can never find these out.
  4. Sometimes it may not be possible to track. For instance, suppose your partner has an office treat at a different locale. How will you attend this without any formal invitation which again is limited to the office employees only? Now if you two belong to the same office, you may have an advantage but love doesn’t happen like that right?

Employ private investigator

Employing a private investigator is yet another traditional method of tracking your partner. Since they are professional, they can always come to your assistance. Their experience is also another advantage.

Employ private investigator
Employ private investigator

Pros of employing a private investigator

  1. You don’t have to waste your time after your partner as you are seeking assistance from the private investigator. You can happily live your life and maintain your lifestyle as the professionals are there to take care of tracking your partner.
  2. Experienced professionals can easily find out if your partner is lying to you.
  3. The professional spies have contact with many people and they can easily get into secret places. They are also an expert to make stories as needed. They also have a connection with the local police so they can do many illegal works ethically.
  4. The professionals have high-quality equipment. For instance, if your partner is at an office party, the spy may look after him with a binocular from a nearby house. Again, if your partner is out of reach, the spy can take a disguise and chase him or her. They are professional experts in taking disguise.
  5. The spy can take close pictures of your partner indulging into an unethical activity as a proof for you to later fight for your case. Also, even if they are trapped, your name will not be revealed and that way your partner won’t suspect you.

Cons of employing a private investigator

  1. Hiring a professional spy to track your partner costs higher than the first option – doing it yourself.
  2. It’s not feasible for anyone to employ a professional 24/7 for a long duration. You don’t know exactly at which hour of which day your partner is going to commit an unwanted activity. So you have to employ a professional spy the entire time to check on your partner.
  3. If your partner is honest and someday finds out about it, he or she may break up. That way you may have to cost your relationship with an honest person. You shouldn’t risk that.


We suggest you check on your partner yourself and if you suspect anything unusual, you better appoint a professional for some duration to ensure whether your suspicion is right or not.

However, when we say that you should do it yourself, we don’t mean that you have to manually rush after your partner. In this tech-savvy age with so many technological options available in the market, you can easily seek assistance from these.

In the following passages, we will explore some cool ways that you may employ for tracking your partner. So without any further ado, let’s check these out.

GPS car tracking

GPS car tracking
GPS car tracking

The GPS technology can instantly show the location of any GPS enabled device by receiving a satellite radio signal. There are various GPS tracking devices available in the tech market. You can easily hide a small GPS tracking device in your car and as it moves you can get all the details of where the car is going right from where you are.

Pros of GPS tracking car

  1. You don’t have to be present all the time for tracking your partner
  2. This is a safe and inexpensive option as your partner may not find out such a small device anyway.
  3. You can easily enjoy your lifestyle without compromising. Just don’t forget to sync the GOS device with your mobile device. Once synced, you can get all the data where your car is going, the current location, all the location history and easily track down your partner.

Cons of GPS tracking car

  1. If your partner uses public transport, either regularly or to deceive you, you cannot track him or her with the GPS tracking device.
  2. If any place doesn’t have a proper network and the GPS loses signal, you cannot track the car anymore.
  3. You have to find a safe corner in your car which can receive a signal without being displayed. This is quite challenging.
  4. If your partner finds it and throws away or deactivates it, you cannot track them anymore.

GPS cell phone tracking

GPS cell phone tracking
GPS cell phone tracking

GPS phone tracking involves the installation of some apps in your partner’s smartphone. You can easily find such an app in the iPhone app store or android play store. Furthermore, you can secretly download and install such an app in your partner’s device and track their location.

You can also track such an app from the third party stores but its safety lies with you. If you are not sure that a third party site is authentic, it’s better not to download an app from this. That way you may invite unnecessary virus or spam.

Here are a few more things to bear in mind if you are downloading a cell phone tracker app from a third-party site:

  1. Make sure to turn your cell phone’s settings on. Usually, smart phone’s settings are prepared in a way so as not to install an app from a third party inauthentic site. If you want to overrule this setting, go the settings menu. Then turn app permission on and give the third party site access to your phone.
  2. If you want to download from a third-party site, make sure to choose a reliable one.
  3. While downloading, check if you can see a green padlock and https:// mark on the URL of the site. This speaks volumes of the site safety. It’s better not to download an app from such a site that mentions “not secured”.
  4. Remember that a virus attack after an app download from a third-party site can be troublesome and akin to a rooting or jailbreaking. So you need to take full responsibility for this.

Pros of GPS tracking software

  1. You can easily learn where your partner is right from your smartphone. You don’t have to employ professional investigators or waste your time chasing them.
  2. This is far less expensive. Various apps are available in the iPhone app store or Google play store for free of cost. Some apps charge money or cost some in-app purchases but even that price is lesser than appointing a professional spy to watch on your partner.
  3. There are a lot of GPS tracking apps available in the market so you won’t be out of choices.
  4. After downloading, you may hide the app in your android or iOS smartphone. If your partner is not a tech geek he or she will not find out about it and you can secretly spy on him or her.
  5. Through a tracking app, you can also learn about the ins and outs on their phone, check message and call logs, other than simply tracking their location.

Cons of GPS cell phone tracking

  1. If your partner turns off the mobile data or their phone is not connected to a wi-fi network, GPS cannot access their location. So you cannot track them.
  2. If your partner is a tech-savvy person, he or she may find it out and you may face some heated argument!
  3. While downloading a GPS tracker app from an unreliable third-party site, you may lose all data if it has spam or virus. But we have already discussed it earlier so let’s not get into it again. Just remember that you have to bear the sole responsibility for your data protection and privacy if you download a GPS tracking app from a third-party store.
  4. If you are not a tech-savvy person, you may have a tough time tracking your partner’s location through GPS cell phone tracker.
  5. Your smartphone (or the device you are using to track your partner’s device) has to be connected with a mobile data network or wi-fi connection all the time. If you lose data connection, your phone cannot track the GPS location of your partner’s device.

Now, you may want to know about some exclusive, reliable, and efficient GPS tracker apps that you may use to track your partner? It’s indeed confusing to come across so many options available in the app market. No worry. We are here to cover you. Here we will mention a few hand-picked tracker apps that are quite popular and adequately help you to track your partner’s location.

So without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Best couple tracker apps

Best couple tracker apps
Best couple tracker apps


This is a helpful app that allows you to track your partner and learn whereabouts of each other. You don’t have to call them all the time or text them to learn where they are. If you manage to install the app in their device, you can remotely access all their location details.


Features of PhoneTracking

  1. Track your partner’s real-time location
  2. Tracking their social handles is easy. You may also track their social media account like Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber etc.
  3. Call Logs and messages – You can track their calls and messages without letting them know
  4. Weblinks – You can check all the websites and apps your partner browses
  5. You can also take real-time screenshots of their device activity remotely. This will come in handy if you have found anything wrong and you want to solve the matter over a discussion. If they delete a message, you may not be able to confront them. But with a screenshot at your hand, you can never get fooled.

Pros of PhoneTracking

  1. It can monitor multiple devices – up to five devices at a time
  2. Multiple editions of the app are available to meet various needs
  3. It’s easy to install and monitor anyone
  4. All the data can be exported easily as reports
  5. It also offers a free trial version and you don’t have to enter your credit or debit card or any bank account details for that matter for using the free trial version

Cons of PhoneTracking

  1. It does not have a demo. So if you are not a tech-savvy person or a beginner of using a tracking app, you may need some time to get accustomed to its function. However it has an intuitive app design and easy user interface, so you won’t have much trouble once you get a hang of it.
  2. It has to be rooted before all the functions are available for you to track your partner’s smartphone.

All Tracker Family App

This All Tracker Family App is specially designed for android users. Through this app, you can easily identify who is contacting your partner and which messages are they sending. That way it’s indeed an effective app. You can also track their location. This is a cool app to ensure whether your partner is cheating on you or not.

All Tracker Family App
All Tracker Family App

Features of All Tracker Family App

  1. With this app, you can instantly track the location of the targeted device
  2. You can check notification from the social media apps like Whatsapp, Line, Viber, and such other such accounts to know about your partner’s social media activity.
  3. What more? You can record any sound from the target device. So you can now record their calls, tap it, and cross them if you find anything unusual. This comes as a great weapon during any confusion.
  4. Further, without any ado, you can use the target device’s rear camera to snap a picture and check on the surrounding.

Pros of All Tracker Family App

  1. You can opt for a free trial version and you don’t have to enter your bank account details to use this free mode.
  2. It supports multiple tracking accounts so you can track over 4 smart devices with this single app.
  3. Further, you can monitor any file stored to the target device’s memory.
  4. You can check which websites your partner is browsing
  5. Finally, you also get free installation and setup without any down payment

Con of All Tracker Family App

You cannot hide the app from the target phone so a tech-savvy partner may find it. So, what are you still waiting for?


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