Lookout Mobile Security: Locate your phone after it’s lost or stolen

Lookout Mobile Security

Have you ever lost your phone? We know the struggle is real once it comes to finding out the phone!

But it need not be so difficult in this advanced tech age. There is this launch of a new app in the android market to help you track your lost smartphone in a hassle freeway. With this, comes in a bunch of benefits.

Are you wondering which app? It’s called Lookout Mobile Security. Today we will discuss everything on these topics – its features, benefits, and how you can use it. So stick to the end and thank us later!

Website: https://www.lookout.com/

Lookout Mobile Security – An Overview

The Lookout developers lead to the development of Lookout Mobile Security. Though this app is still in its budding age, the beta app is in the market already. Ideally, to the public forum for a test run. Depending on the users’ verdict developers are experimenting to upgrade it even more and fixing the bugs issues. The fully developed app is sure to deliver an amazing experience to the users.

Lookout Mobile Security is a fascinating, free app that is designed to find out your phone is stolen or lost. And the best part is that you can download it after losing your smartphone.

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Key Features

Lookout Mobile Security – An Overview
Lookout Mobile Security – An Overview

You need not waste your phone memory by downloading and installing the app all along. This is the sole difference between Lookout Mobile Security and Find My Device or most of the mobile tracking apps. You can remotely download and install the app on your phone after your phone is missing.

It’s easy to install and works perfectly. The user-friendly interface is yet another positive side of the app.

It is incredibly accurate and has earned some great customer feedback right in this beta mode, We can only expect this accuracy will be more precise and more interesting features might come in after the completion of the full app development.

Remote Download and Installation

As we mentioned earlier, Lookout Mobile Security is designed in such a way that you don’t have to install the tracking app on your phone before it gets lost or stolen. You can remotely install it from the Google Play store from your desktop or laptop.

2 Easy Steps to Follow

While installing you need to log into the Google play store on your computer by utilising the email address which is linked to your lost or stolen device. Now, you may be confused if you have multiple accounts in your Gmail app on the phone.

In that case, you need to log into the store using the ID that you could see while accessing Google web page. For example, you may have two Ids. One is xyz@gmail.com and the other is abc@gmail.com. Now, while accessing Google or executing any task during browsing you may have noted a Google account symbol on the top right corner. If this is abc@gmail.com, you need to log into the Google play store from your PC using this one.

  1. Once installed in your PC, Lookout Mobile Security will instantly start to send you one to nine emails along with the location of your smartphone.
  2. After 10 to 15 minutes, if you require the latest update of your lost phone’s location, all you need is to send a text message from your friend or family member’s phone or your alternative phone to the lost phone number. The message should contain only the word “locate”. Then you will receive another email with a more updated location.

However, remember that standard message charge will apply every time you text to your lost phone.

Top-Notch Accuracy

One of the best featured of Lookout Mobile Security is that it can be installed remotely in your phone after it is lost. And the next best thing is its accuracy in tracking your device location.

With the help of GPS and using the network of the android device, Lookout Mobile Security can track your phone within a few meters range of where your device is actually located.

If you go through the users’ review in Google Play Store (which is a great practice we believe), you may note that some users have gone to the extent of commenting that even their local police were stunned to check the accuracy of the app to locate the device. Naturally, as you can expect, the app increases your chance of finding the device soon.

Available Carriers for Lookout Mobile Security

Available Carriers for Lookout Mobile Security
Available Carriers for Lookout Mobile Security

As mentioned in the about section of the technical details of Lookout Mobile Security, this app is available only in the United States. The carriers of this app include the following:

  1. YT mobile
  2. Sprint
  3. Verizon
  4. AT&T

For a piece of more detailed information, we are mentioning more about the Lookout Mobile Security.

Check this out for a deeper understanding

After installation, you will get an email message about the starting of the app. Then you will receive 9 other messages consecutively as the app refines the phone’s location and keeps tracking it as it moves.

Then each location email will include an accuracy rating in meters. This will help you to understand exactly how much meter away your phone is from the mentioned location. However, you can be certain that the difference will be nominal. This occurs sometimes as the GPS of multiple android devices can stay on and the app may locate on instead of another. But the surrounding locality remains only the same.

Lookout Mobile Security will take an attempt to launch the app as soon as it is set to download. However in some rare cases, if you don’t find any starting alert via email within the first 5 minutes, you may send an SMS to get it started. You will find the SMS option just on your screen at the lower part.

Important – The Phone Location

Important - The Phone Location
Important – The Phone Location

Please note the location of your phone will be sent to the Gmail address which is already attached to your phone. So we recommend you to keep this mail inbox open and keep refreshing until you receive the emails.

Absolutely nobody can access your location using this app unless you share your Gmail password with them.

Lookout Mobile Security is recently available on the selected carriers in the US but the app developers will spread out the app internationally anytime soon.

Which factors Need Improvement

In this part, we will mention a few negatives that we think need to be fixed. But before getting into this part, let’s quickly mention that this app is still on progress. The developers have only launched a trial app (which is working beyond satisfactorily). The app manufacturers are working hard to get these bugs fixed and enhance user experience. So we are sure that eventually, these errors too will be noted by them and solved in due time.

Here are these

  1. On the Google play store, the app marketers reveal that the app is compatible with any device that has Android 2.0 operating system. Now, even after downloading the app on an Android 4.0 model, we didn’t find any result and the app stopped working unexpectedly.
  2. After some extensive searching, we came across a Lookout Mobile Security support website – support.lookout.com where an explanation was mentioned. It states that the app will not be compatible with android OS 3.2 – the last version of Honeycomb and other OS 4.0 last version of Ice cream sandwich. The site also mentions that due to certain changes during the initial bugs fixation process, the app is not working with these operating systems.

Oh, this is yet another problematic area

  1. The app support site is not mentioned in the app and it’s quite difficult to find the right one. If you are looking for the site, here it is – support.lookout.com.
  2. Due to some errors, the app didn’t start at our devices after installation. And this happened consecutively for multiple devices. If you are facing the same issue, not to worry. It’s perfectly normal. The support lookout website clearly mentions that the app has gone through some changes during the bug fixing process which resists the app to start working right at installation. So you need to send a text message as a location request. This will flood up your email inbox with the latest location of your phone.
  3. You will find that a notification pops up in the notification bar. You get this once you download the app or send out an email. Now, this can be a potential problem for a stolen device. If the thief comes across such notification, he or she will understand that you are trying to track the phone. They can either remove the app or turn off the device. Either way, you will not be able to track your device any more.

No way to remotely control the settings

  1. Unfortunately, there’s no way to remotely control this setting on your device after it gets stolen. And you cannot change this setting even if your phone is on your hand. This is a common feature in every device. Unless and until you root or jailbreak your device and entirely change the core functions of your device, there’s no way out.
  2. This is a major drawback and we request the developers to see onto it. If there’s any way to install an app (especially a sensitive and discreet app like this one) without letting the phone carrier (here, the stealer) know about its installation, nothing could be better!
  3. Other than the notification bar issue as mentioned earlier, the users have also mentioned that there’s yet another problem. Unlike most of the phone tracking apps, this doesn’t allow you to remotely lock your device or erase any sensitive or private data on your phone. As you may already know, in case of Find My (used only on the iOS system) and Find My Device (used only on the android system) remotely lock your device or wipe away the sensitive data like images or official information. But here the app cannot execute that.

So, how do you revive the service?

  1. Nevertheless, if you want to retrieve your device, you may install and upgrade the Lookout antivirus and security. However, this is a paid version and you have to pay for $2.99 per month. This paid version includes remote locking and erasing data features.
  2. Another drawback of Lookout Mobile Security – If you have a different 3rd party app for SMS purpose, Lookout Mobile Security fails to work. Now, none really use Lookout Mobile Security as a default SMS app. Also, when the developers mention that you don’t need to install the app before your phone gets stolen, naturally you cannot uninstall your default SMS app. We expect the developers will look at it more professionally and come up with a solution anytime soon.

Other than these there are some other faults. However, these faults don’t really lie with the app developers. Any app tracker can face this sort of problem.

Wondering what are these? Let’s check out.

  1. If someone steals a phone, he or she instantly removes the sim card. If this occurs, no tracking app, including Lookout Mobile Security, can track the device. Because if your device doesn’t have any SIM card, you will not be able to syn your Google email account to the phone. And automatically, Lookout Mobile Security cannot trace the location.
  2. Any tracking app or Lookout Mobile Security cannot work if the phone is switched off. Also, if the battery is dead or there’s no network connection, it may be troublesome to track your lost or stolen device.
  3. If your tablet has Lookout Mobile Security installed, the SMS location function doesn’t work.

So that was all about Lookout Mobile Security.

By now you must have got a sound idea about the app along with all its pros and cons.

What’s your take on it?

Are you going to use it? Have you already checked it out? How was your experience? Would you like to add any more point to it or mention some other pros and cons of the app? Whatever your thought is, don’t hesitate to comment below and share with us!

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