How to Track an iPhone: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Track an iPhone

What will you do if one day you cannot find your expensive iPhone? Scary thought, but extremely practical right? We sure don’t want you to face such trouble but it’s better to stay prepare beforehand.

Are you wondering how you can track your iPhone by using your phone number once it is lost or stolen? How can you even locate others’ device?

A Comprehensive Guide for Tracking an iPhone

Don’t worry. In this article, we will elaborate and explore several options that you may employ to track your phone. With these quick and effective strategies, you can also track your phone or someone else’s device.  And guess what, you can do it completely in secret without letting the phone owner know! These people may include your kids, spouse, employee or anyone in your family.

A Comprehensive Guide for Tracking an iPhone
A Comprehensive Guide for Tracking an iPhone

So keep reading to know how to find the location of an Apple iPhone. Before starting, let’s quickly make an index of the popular ways through which you can track any cell phone location and also monitor the iPhone. These include the following:

  1. Find my iPhone
  2. Kiwi
  3. TheTruthSpy
  4. iCloud
  5. Google’s timeline
  6. Find my Friends
  7. iMapp
  8. IMEI tracker

Now, let’s dive deeper.

How to Track iPhone using iCloud

Do you want to track your iPhone without any effort? Do you want to find the device without downloading or installing an app?

In fact, most of such tracking apps are not installed in people’s device. Now once they lose their phone, they regret not installing such an app as a precautionary method. But the worst has already happened by then.

Not really.

iCloud gives you the perfect opportunity to find your iPhone even if a phone tracking app was not installed in the device. How? Let’s check out.

The easiest way to locate a place where your iOS device is without using an app is through accessing the iCloud dashboard.

How to access the cloud dashboard

You can easily do it on your iPhone, iPad, Mac PC, or iPod following a few simple and quick steps:

  1. Sign in to your iCloud account. Here you have to enter your Apple ID and password that you have used in your lost iPhone to log into the Apple account.
  2. Once you see the iCloud dashboard on the screen, simply press Find my iPhone icon.
  3. Then you have to select the “my device” menu just next to it to open the function. Select the device you want to find among all the devices you can find on the screen.
  4. Here you will be able to see the exact location of your lost or stolen iPhone on the interactive map. If the phone is stolen and on a mobile condition, you can also track which direction the cell phone is going.
  5. Here’s a quick tip. If you can’t refresh your iPhone’s latest location, simply go back one step and again enter into the map following the above-mentioned steps. Here you will find the updated location and track in an even better way.

What are the Additional Features

  1. If you want to leverage the advantage of Play Sound option, you can always do that. Here you can set the alarm for 2 minutes at a very high volume. That way you can track the sound and get you iPhone back. This works if you know your phone is somewhere at your home or in close proximity. If you have checked your phone minutes ago, and now not getting it, try this trick. The thief may not escape long after stealing the phone and you can easily catch him or her red-handed following the high volume ring.
  2. Through this app, you can also enable the lost mode option. This will lock your device and then open a flash message on the screen. You can generate a custom message revealing your contact details. If any generous person has found it, he or she may return the device following your instruction.
  3. But things may get worse if someone steals your iPhone. How can you get it back? iCloud gives you the perfect opportunity to recover this crisis as well. You can use the app to remotely erase all sensitive, personal data including message, chat, images, video, documents, etc. Simply click the erase data option on iCloud. It will remove all the data stored in your device and thereby protect your privacy. But remember that you cannot retrieve this data if these are not stored in the drive. We recommend you to store your important data in the online drive or external hard drive. That way you can still access all the important data right from the drive even if your phone gets stolen.

How to track someone’s location on the iPhone for free of cost

If you are trying to track a lost or stolen iPhone by your phone number, here’s a few simple steps that will come in handy:

  1. First, find and visit iCloud.com on your computer
  2. Now log into your iCloud account.
  3. Here you will have to select the find my iPhone from the main menu options
  4. Then you have to enter your Apple ID that you have used in your lost iPhone. Also, put your password to log in.
  5. Now from the top menu bar, select all devices.
  6. From the list click on your device name you want to track
  7. Here a map, just like a Google map will open. You can track your iPhone on the map following the green dot representing your iPhone.
  8. Here you can remotely ring the phone at a high volume, send a message with your contact details, or wipe away any sensitive data and protect your phone privacy.
  9. Even if your phone is locked, you can remotely perform all these tasks. Also, even if your phone was put into a silent mode before getting lost or stolen, you can still play the alarm ring remotely from iCloud at a high volume. So you need not worry.

Here’s a quick tip: You can also take the support of iPhone spy app for tracking and locating your lost smartphone.

How to track your iPhone with Google’s Timeline

Will you believe if we say that every iPhone has a detailed log of the location history of the users in its inbuilt map?

Yes, both Google and Apple store the location history of the users to use during any emergency. And losing your iPhone is one of such emergencies! So you can definitely

If you turn this function on your iPhone, Google will keep you updated about the phone’s latest location. However, bear in mind that you will have to connect the phone with internet and if internet connection is lost, Google cannot track your phone.

To get the latest updated info about your iPhone you will have to visit Google.com and select this service. Then you can check the map to your mobile device.

Follow these simple and effective steps

  1. Use your phone or computer’s browser to go to the Google timeline
  2. Then select the present date on the given panel at the top of the web page. Now click Today
  3. Now you have to scroll down to the list of the location history. Here choose the most recent update. You will find this option right at the bottom of the list.
  4. If you find out your iPhone’s location is the same as the previous updates, go check that place. You may find it here.
  5. However, there can be another possibility. If you find the phone is static at a certain place make sure that your internet is duly connected. Sometimes, due to the lack of internet connectivity, Google cannot show you the latest update. In this case, you may not find your device by finding it at the mentioned place.
  6. If you see that your iPhone is changing its place, it has possibly been stolen. In this case, you better report to the police. You may also remotely send a flash message to the phone or send your contact details. If some generous people find it, they may want to return the smartphone to you.
  7. Alternatively, you can also remotely wipe away all the sensitive data from your device and protect your phone.
  8. To conduct the above mentioned two ideas, you have to use an iPhone tracker app or website as the earlier one like iCloud.

You may adopt various ways to save and secure your data on the iPhone

  1. Immediately change Apple ID password from another iPhone, iPod, iPad, or Macbook
  2. Immediately change the passwords to social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and also do the same for your email accounts.
  3. Lodge a complaint to the local police station and inform your iPhone’s serial number. That way you can stay safe even if someone uses your smartphone for an illegal purpose. It’s better to keep the police informed that the phone is not being operated by you so as to get a benefit of the doubt.
  4. You should also contact the carriers and inform them that your iPhone is stolen or lost. Make sure to ask them to terminate your account. That way, the thief may not make the most profit out of your iPhone.

The best possible way to locate an iPhone – TheTruthSpy

The best possible way to locate an iPhone - TheTruthSpy
The best possible way to locate an iPhone – TheTruthSpy

If you have kids it’s not unusual to be worried about the location of your children given the number of crime is rapidly increasing. You sure don’t want your child to face any trouble right? And in this age of tech advancements, you don’t have to compromise with your kid’s security and safety.

You may not know your child’s Apple ID. Or maybe you have lost your iPhone and cannot remember the Apple ID that you set years ago.

No problem. You can still locate your iPhone with TheTruthSpy. This is a useful app which helps you to find your iPhone without any hassle, even without your Apple ID.

Why is TheTruthSpy Useful

  1. This is a multi-aspect iPhone tracker app that can equally serve as an anti-theft device.
  2. It offers a dynamic GPS location as well as a geofencing facility which can relieve you from any stress by providing data instantly about your iPhone’s location. Naturally, it’s a very handy app once your iPhone gets lost or stolen.
  3. It shows you the history of the geographical movements of your iPhone. Tracking this history, you can easily find your smartphone.
  4. The app also assists you in spying the iPhone in every possible way.

The only con you may come up with this app is that you have to purchase the app and it’s not free of cost like the earlier two options. But given the number of benefits and convenience it offers, we say every penny you spend on this is worthy of it.

In order to select your preferable subscription package, you have to go to the control panel of mSpy and then follow a quick set up process. You don’t need any tech expertise for this.

If you have any query or confusion about the download, installation or functions, you can always call the customer support team of TheTruthSpy. This is available round the clock and TheTruthSpy is popular for its amazing customer service.

Are you wondering how TheTruthSpy works so efficiently

Well, actually TheTruthSpy makes the matter of locating your iPhone without jailbreaking the iOS system in a straightforward and easy manner. So you need not worry about the functions and data of your iPhone. All of these will be intact even after you get it back.

How to track your iPhone with only phone number – Kiwi Search

How to track your iPhone with only phone number – Kiwi Search
How to track your iPhone with only phone number – Kiwi Search

Kiwi Search is basically a tech public record directory with which an iPhone device can easily be tracked. And all you need is the phone number, no ID, no password, nothing else.

To track an iPhone without letting your kids, thief, or anyone know that you tracking their device, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps. These are really quick and easy once you get a hang of these:

  1. Enter the phone number you want to trace on the Kiwi Search bar. It will start tracking the location.
  2. You can find the search results from the public directory database.
  3. Now you have to enter the information you have to receive from the result in your inbox.

Why Kiwi Search

  1. Here you have to enter your phone number only and your target device location will be tracked along with the location history.
  2. If you are getting too many calls from an unsaved number, you may track its location in this app as well. You may find if the number is spam or it’s from a legit person. If the number is spam, you can also identify its location and contact the local police with this information for any further support.
  3. You may identify such spam numbers that you can easily block to get rid of any illegal calls.
  4. Kiwi Search also offers a feature called Reverse phone number search. With this, you can track any location with your iPhone. You may find the iPhone history and other such valuable info. It comes in handy if you want to track your kids or spouse’s activity.

How to trace any phone number for free – iMapp

How to trace any phone number for free - iMapp
How to trace any phone number for free – iMapp

You can download iMapp from Apple app store and help in tracking a specific device. Here are some prominent features of this iPhone  tracking app:

  1. With iMapp, you can get the real-time location of the iPhone with this tracker
  2. You can track any smartphone without any Apple ID or password, only with the phone number
  3. Location tracing becomes simple with this app. You can trace the location history and earlier address lists from the phone number. You can track where your relative (kids, spouse, seniors) has been all through the day without having to ask them.
  4. With iMap app, you can easily learn about the current geolocation of the device. The location history of the target iPhone can be instantly tracked.
  5. The iMpap app allows you to track an iPhone and consequently send the coordinates a real-time location.
  6. You can easily publish your own set of places on the map. You can also receive a notification on the browser or your phone. That way you will be notified if the concerned iPhone owner arrives or leaves an area created by you. That way you can easily track whether your kid has attended school or your spouse has attended office or your ailing senior has visited the doctors. You can get all these details along with the time frame.
  7. With the app, you can track an iPhone and then send the details of the selected real-time location to the coordinates.
  8. You may also publish your preferable places on the map. That way you can receive a notification once friends or invitees enter there or leave from the areas virtually developed by you.

Quick Note

Though you don’t have to bypass your iOS password to install any app. iMapp is more detectable than any other tracking apps available in the mobile app market. The app must be turned on the target iPhone.

How to track any family member’s iPhone – Find My Friends

How to track any family member's iPhone – Find My Friends
How to track any family member’s iPhone – Find My Friends

Find my Friends is inbuilt in the recent versions of any iOS devices and this helps you to track any cell phone. But remember that the app doesn’t intend to spy on others but it offers you a cool way to connect to your friends and family friends.

The best part is that you don’t have to download this Find my Friends software as it is already inbuilt in all the latest iPhone devices. If you have to access someone’s smartphone, just ask for their phones beforehand for a few minutes. Then you can enable this app by altering the settings in that phone. This will automatically share their location to your iPhone and they will not know about it. But we suggest you not to use the app for any malpractices. This is an awesome app to check on your app, spouse, ailing seniors, or everyone you care about. But doing this trick on unknown or less known people is a big no-no.

How does it work

Here, the first time you receive notification from your intended person’s device, you will have to accept the invitation.

Then on you will be able to know where your acquaintance is without having to accept all the information.

How to track an iPhone secretly that you don’t own – IMEI tracker

How to track an iPhone secretly that you don't own – IMEI tracker
How to track an iPhone secretly that you don’t own – IMEI tracker

IMEI Tracker is a professional monitoring app that allows you to monitor anyone’s device without letting them know about your spying mission. It is a reliable app and has multiple advanced monitoring features. According to early users, this is a perfect app for employee monitoring and parental control.

Can you track an iPhone with just the phone number – Fine My Friends, IMEI number, IMEI tracker

In almost all cases, you can monitor any lost or stolen smartphone after installing one of the best iPhone tracking app such as Find My Friends. Other than this, there are other options available like IMEI number or IMEI tracker.

A lot of people ask the trick to track an iPhone with just a phone number. Here’s an honest answer.

The main problem is that when someone steals a phone he or she may change your SIM card with another one. In such cases, your number will not be available any longer for you to track. So your chance of finding your smartphone with only the SIM card is pretty poor if it has been stolen.

In such cases we recommend you to erase sensitive data from your smartphone remotely with any reliable tracking app. You can also lodge a complaint to the police.

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