Free Cell Phone Tracker: Methods that work to track cell phones

Free Cell Phone Tracker

Mobile trackers are witnessing high popularity in the contemporary days because it helps people to get a chance to locate their stolen or lost phone. It also allows them to learn the whereabouts of their near and dear ones. Mobile trackers deliver various benefits and due to this reason, numerous mobile tracking apps are available in the market.

Benefits of a Mobile Tracker Free – Here’s all you need to know

Are you wondering why you should opt for such a mobile tracker? If you haven’t decided to get a mobile tracker on your device, read the very next passage. Here we will discuss the wide range of benefits that a mobile tracker a provide. Right from tracking your lost phone, to locking your device when suspected to be stolen, sealing the sensitive data, remotely storing the hidden files, ensuring parental locking and keeping an eye on your loved ones, everything is possible with a mobile tracker. Here’s a little more of all the benefits that you can avail while using a mobile tracker.

Benefits of a Mobile Tracker Free
Benefits of a Mobile Tracker Free

Key Benefits to watch out for

  1. If you have lost your phone in your home, you can locate it with a loud ring.
  2. Is your phone lost somewhere you do not remember and it’s not near you? You can lock the device.
  3. What if your phone is suspected to be stolen? You can track the device on the map easily.
  4. If you don’t see a hope to find the device anytime soon after it gets stolen, you may remotely erase all the sensitive data from it.
  5. Are you a parent? If yes, you can use a mobile tracker to ensure that your child is in a safe place. You can understand where exactly your child is without asking them any question constantly.
  6. If you suspect your spouse to indulge in adultery, you may get proof of it from such a tracker.

We can go on like this and the list is sure to get you bored. But let’s stop at six of the many benefits that a mobile tracker offers.

Now that you have been convinced of the effectiveness of the mobile trackers, you can easily understand the necessity of it. However, the real problem is there are a lot of mobile trackers in the play store of Google or Apple app store and it’s easy to be confused which one to download.

No worry

Today we are here with a complete review of the best mobile trackers available in the contemporary app market. Each of them has a world of benefit to offer individual features and more. So, stick to the end and learn which one you should download and install on your device.

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Here are the top Free Cell Phone Tracker

So, without any further ado, let’s quickly check these top mobile tracking apps out.

1. PhoneTracking

1. PhoneTracking
1. PhoneTracking

PhoneTracking mobile tracking app has made tracking very easy, quick and simple. The app interface is designed to work both on iOS and Android devices. The app doesn’t only effectively help in tracking a device but also works amazingly for any monitoring purpose.


  • It has amazing location tracking and geofencing features. So you can track exactly where the device is. Even if you cannot pinpoint, you can understand that it is somewhere in your surroundings by checking the Geo fencing model.
  • It has app blocker and web filtering functionalities. For these reasons, many users prefer to use the app.
  • It is equipped with screen time control.
  • It has a smart parental control setting. So you can block any channel (violent, adult content, pornography, etc.) for your kids.
  • It has an advanced web filtering mode. So you can keep an eye on which sites your kid is browsing.


Track the specific location of a device with accurate precision

Trace the particular location of your iOS and Android device

You can monitor your kid’s phone

Also, you can ensure access of safe content on the child’s device. You may not allow them to watch any violent or pornographic content and this device helps you to block these channels or content.


  • It works amazingly both for android and iOS devices
  • It has a user-friendly interface so beginners too can use it without any hassle
  • It’s absolutely free of cost


  • You need an in-app purchase of the premium plan to get access to all types of features.

2. FoneTracker

2. FoneTracker
2. FoneTracker

FoneTracker is one of the most reliable and highly secure tools that is designed for tracking purpose. It is an advanced tool that makes tracking and geofencing real quick.


Enables GPS tracking

Can work remotely in an invisible mode, so your child or the thief of your phone cannot understand that you are tracking the phone location

It can monitor any activity on the phone remotely

Also, it can monitor apps usage, call logs, messages, and GPS


Its menu list includes the following:

  • dashboard
  • calls
  • contacts
  • messages
  • social apps
  • locations
  • geofences
  • capture screenshots
  • browser history
  • photos
  • video preview
  • calendars
  • keylogger
  • app relevant info

As you can understand, you can access all the content of the phone remotely.

It has various benefits too

You can easily learn what your kids are watching, browsing, or to whom they are calling.

If you need adequate proof for your spouse’s cheating, you can track their device location and then capture a screenshot of the same. This will allow you to cross them with full proof evidence.


  • It works both for android and iOS devices
  • The app is equipped with highly advanced features
  • You can access the dashboards whenever necessary


  • It doesn’t support windows phone
  • The app is not free of cost. You have to pay $2.99 for a premium model of the app.

3. Number Locator

3. Number Locator
3. Number Locator

Number locator is one of the popular free mobile device trackers that can locate any phone irrespective of the operating system. The mobile app is developed by the Elegant Recursion Inc.


The app has numerous attractive features that are user friendly

The intuitive design helps even the beginners or non-tech people easily access it

It works both offline and online

It has an auto-updating system so you don’t have to update manually every time. It’s extremely convenient for the users.


You can track your phone with your sim card number.

Even if the phone is stolen you can track it globally. No matter whichever country your phone is, you can track instantly

It has an inbuilt map that shows full screen so you won’t have any problem tracking it more efficiently.


  • The app supports iPhone, iPod, and iPad so you can track any device that you want
  • A highly attractive interface for you to work on efficiently
  • It works extremely fast which makes tracking very convenient
  • Did you know that the app can work both online and offline? So, you need not worry about network connection for tracking your lost or stolen phone. However, with an internet connection, it can track your device with more accuracy by accessing the GPS data.
  • The app and its features are absolutely free of cost


The app doesn’t support windows and android phone.

You may have to purchase some in-app advanced features accessible only on the premium mode. But for regular people, the basic mode and its features are more than enough. Especially, it can monitor the device or track it without any premium mode.

4. Mobile Number Tracker

4. Mobile Number Tracker
4. Mobile Number Tracker

So, so far we have discussed various mobile tracking apps that can effectively track and monitor your stolen, lost device, or your kid’s or spouse’s device. However, there are various tracking websites available in the mobile tracker market that allows you to track any device instantly. The best part about websites is that you don’t have to increase your phone storage by downloading and installing an app. Also, with time, an installed app on your device gets more loaded and acquires weight. But that is not the case with the websites.

However, we recommend you to check out the mobile tracking websites as we mention here now (before your phone gets stolen or lost). That way you will have a basic idea about the site and how to operate this. In most of the cases, these tracking websites have an intuitive and similar design which allows the users to easily access these. Nevertheless, as in the case of an app, you already get accustomed to it after downloading. But in case of a website, it takes more time.

Also, if you already access the sites, it will store some cache data in the browser. And when in due time you will open it again, you can access smoothly and efficiently.

Mobile Number Tracker is a device tracking website

Anyway, without extending this any further, let’s come to the main topic. As you may have well understood, Mobile Number Tracker is a device tracking website. You have to check out the URL themobilenumbertracker.com to get into this site. This site makes tracking real quick and easy. This site is India-based. Check out the following passages to learn its features and functionalities.


You can easily track a device just by entering the cell phone number of the device you want to track

The site also allows you to track any landline phone


It has multiple menu options including the following:

  • Home
  • Track mobile
  • US and Canada
  • Trace landline
  • Find luck
  • Bulk SMS
  • Trace vehicle
  • STD
  • ISD
  • Real age test
  • Love calculator
  • Funny images
  • Trendy

So, as you can guess the site is much more than a mobile tracker.

Additional Features

You can access multiple features and you can also use it for some real fun.

  1. You can also track any vehicle and send bulk SMS to many numbers. This is also popular among various business companies for this reason.
  2. Now, if you have to track a mobile, follow the simple steps as mentioned below:
  3. Go to track mobile menu
  4. Click on the track mobile number option
  5. Here a box will open. Insert the phone number of the device you want to track
  6. Now hit the trace button

You can see a map will open along with the details and location of the phone. Try it now.


The site works with various phones and operating systems including iPhone, Android, Nokia, Blackberry, etc. So you can track any device you want. You can also track any landline number.

This is absolutely free of cost.


Sometimes, due to heavy usage, you may face difficulty in accessing the site as it lags.

5. Glympse

5. Glympse
5. Glympse

Are you looking for a comprehensive solution that will allow you to monitor and then track your near and dear one? Look no more as Glympse is here with the ideal solution.


It’s easy to track the location in the app. Even the beginners can easily access the user-friendly intuitive app design.

You can make both cell phone monitoring and GPS tracking.

You can send an SMS alert and in-app messages if your phone is lost. Anyone who has found it may return it to you following the message (let’s hope he or she has a generous heart).


This is a free app with a user-friendly design. All you need is to launch the app and it will automatically run in the background.

However, you need not worry about battery drainage. It only stores the GPS data and activates only when another device is looking for it. For instance, if you lose your phone and track the device from any other phone, or desktop or laptop, it gets activated.

It also stores your GPS data. That way, even if the phone doesn’t have a network connection or wifi after getting lost, it shows the last location. So you can track at least a nearby location.


  • Totally free of cost.
  • Supports both android and iPhone devices
  • Comes with an SMS alert system so you can send a message with your contact details.
  • Its accurate performance is one of the fundamental reasons for its wide popularity.


  • Users can share their location quite secretively.

6. GPS tracker – Mobile Tracker

6. GPS tracker – Mobile Tracker
6. GPS tracker – Mobile Tracker

This is a free phone tracker that helps in monitoring or tracking your loved ones in an efficient way. The app also allows you to get the specific location of your lost vehicle whenever you want.


  • It enables multi-tracking including monitoring your android device and vehicles
  • It has an advanced Geo fencing system. When you are at a market place, if you suddenly notice you don’t have the phone which you have seen a few seconds ago, that means the thief is somewhere near you. Geo-fencing enables you to track the location of your phone that is in close proximity.
  • It has a speed alert system so you can ring your phone if it is lost in your home.
  • You can also send an SMS alert with your contact details to the phone number to request the founder to return your device.


You can track your family member and friends’ phones on your device. It’s easy to catch the cheating of your spouse. Also, if you want to learn a friend’s location during any emergency, use this app to get instant access.

You can track the location history of your family members. So you can understand which of the locations your kids are visiting.

The app is also beneficial if you have seniors at home. If they go out and you need to track their location, simply use this app.


  • The app is available for free of cost.
  • The application enables multi-tracking so you can track multiple devices
  • The app also allows you to track lost vehicles other than smartphones.


  • The app is compatible on with the android devices. So you cannot any device like iPhone, iPod or iPad that uses iOS.

7. Mobile Number Tracker Pro

7. Mobile Number Tracker Pro
7. Mobile Number Tracker Pro

If you are looking for an unparallel tracking option that works the best with any iOS operated devices like iPhone, iPad, or iPod, Mobile Number Tracker Pro can never go wrong.

Check out more details about this iOS supporting app.


The app is equipped with a superior interactive user interface. So even the beginners or non-tech people don’t find any problem using it.

The app also provides you with a notification system. So the moment it tracks a device, it keeps you updated on the alternative number or your family or friends’ phone that is using.

So you can get rid of constantly taking screenshots. All the details will be automatically synced to your device.


Mobile number tracker pro has multiple menu options including the following:

  • Home
  • Contacts
  • ISD codes
  • STD codes
  • Number submission
  • Theme
  • Premium
  • About

You may purchase some in app-exclusive features with the premium mode. However, the basic features that come at a free of cost are sufficient for tracking any device.

In the premium mode, you can change various themes and keep your favourite one.


The app comes at a free of cost

The app has both SMS and call option. So if your phone is lost, you can either send a text with your contact details for the founder to return your smartphone. Alternatively, you can directly call on the device. If the founder is an honest person, he or she can pick it up instead of cutting the call or switching it off. So you can instruct the person to return you the cell phone.

Even if the person doesn’t receive your alert call, there’s an advantage. You can understand that it has fallen in a wrong hand and he or she may cause any harm to your cell. Then you can go to the next step. You can erase all the private, official, or sensitive data remotely from your friends’, family member’s or your desktop or laptop. Your security will not be affected in any way.

The app allows you to track any number worldwide. So it’s not only local but international. If your kid has gone to a different country for study or job purpose, you can still track their whereabouts. All the details of their smartphone can be accessible. That way you can stay stress-free.


The app cannot work without any internet connection. So the device you are tracking must have a strong data connection or Wi-Fi connection. Now if your phone is lost or stolen, you cannot expect to have a ceaseless internet connection. And in such cases, the app cannot track your phone.

Some users have reported bugging issues with the app. They have also mentioned that sometimes, the app fails to specify the location of the device. However, the app developers are relentlessly trying to solve all the bugs’ issues. So you can give it a try as it is a free app and you don’t have to pay bucks.

The app is compatible only with iOS system and you cannot track any android device with it.

It cannot leverage nearby iOS devices’ Bluetooth. When so many newer apps in the market are exploring to incorporate this advanced feature, this is sure a con for this one. This drawback prevents the app to work offline or track any device without a strong internet connection.

So, which one is your pick

Mobile trackers are a great choice for every individual or occasion. Be it a parent who wants to keep an eye on the kid, a boss to keep a check on the employee, a husband or a wife who wishes to keep an eye on their partner; mobile trackers are a perfect answer to all such occasions. So, what are you still waiting for? Have you started to download it already? Are you using any of these mobile tracker apps right now? How is it performing? Do you want to add some other names and want our tech experts to try these and deliver a complete review on them? Comment below and share your thoughts with us.

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