Find My iPhone: Locate Your Lost or Stolen iPhone

Find My iPhone

Use Find My iPhone (now, Find My) to locate your lost or stolen iPhone

Have you lost your iPhone? It was too expensive and now you cannot forgive yourself! Stop feeling guilty and start tracking. And there’s a single app to assist you find your iPhone.

So, restore your confidence and keep reading.

Apple has earlier launched two distinct apps named as Find My iPhone and Find My Friend. Recently they are combining both these services to make a single app known as Find My.

Use Find My iPhone (now, Find My) to locate your lost or stolen iPhone
Use Find My iPhone (now, Find My) to locate your lost or stolen iPhone

Other than locating your iPhone via WiFi, GPS and mobile data, and allowing you to pinpoint the location of your device on the map, the app can also support you offline. This is indeed a life-saving feature because your phone may not have a network connection after getting stolen or the surrounding zone may not have wi-fi.

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However, don’t confuse this with the turn off mode of iPhone. The secret to this unique feature is that Apple devices can use Bluetooth to beacon from nearby Apple devices. That way your chance to find your Mac, iPad or iPhone gets increased. And for the privacy concern, all the surrounding devices are encrypted and anonymous.

Find My works just like Find My Friends and Find My iPhone apps as they were earlier available. The only difference is that you may now find your lost or stolen Apple device even if the surrounding area doesn’t have wi-fi or your phone doesn’t have an internet connection.

Are you looking to know more about the features, benefits, and functionalities of Find My? Then minutely read the blog and learn all about it.

What is Find My or Find My iPhone

If your iPhone, iPad, AirPod, or Mac gets lost or stolen, Apple has a free tool to assist you to get it back. Even if you cannot find it back, you may remotely operate it from the app. That way you may lock the device or delete private data to prevent the thieves to access and exploit your personal data. This iPhone recovery tool is known as Find My iPhone.

This app is a part of iCloud and it uses GPS of your device and the internet connection or wifi to pinpoint the device on the map and also perform some functions to remotely control it.

What is Find My or Find My iPhone
What is Find My or Find My iPhone

How to Use Find My iPhone for Locating Your Device and Erasing Your Data

Find My iPhone app must be downloaded and installed on your device before it gets lost or stolen. Fortunately, nowadays, all the Apple iPhones have this default setting of enabling this app just after launching. Nevertheless, if you have bought your phone and have not yet installed the app, it’s a high time to do that. Then once you install, check whether it has already started automatically or not. If the app doesn’t function, go to the phone settings, enter into the app download and then turn on its functionality.

Now, after the service is launched and set up, you may use two methods to pinpoint a phone.

  1. Use the iCloud site
  2. Use the Find My iPhone App. You can open this app on any of your iOS device to track any iPhone, Mac, or iPad. You can also use the app to track your friend’s or family member’s phone. Just make sure that the device has iPhone operating system.

More Tutorial How to use Find My iPhone At: https://www.apple.com/icloud/find-my/

Below we will mention a step by step procedure to use Find My iPhone on iCloud.com

How to Use Find My iPhone for Locating Your Device and Erasing Your Data
How to Use Find My iPhone for Locating Your Device and Erasing Your Data

Step 1

Go to iCloud.com and log in there with the Apple ID that you used to log in to your iPhone.

Step 2

You will find multiple menus here including mail, contacts, notes, reminders, iCloud drive, pages, numbers, keynote, find friends, find iPhone, settings, etc. You have to select Find iPhone to look for all the devices where you have logged in with the Apple ID. This is applicable for the users who have numerous Apple devices like iPad, iPod, Mac, and iPhone. If you have more than one device where you have used the same Apple ID to log in, this menu option will show you all those devices.

Step 3

This app will instantly open a map and zoom on the map where you can see a green dot. This dot represents your device that you are trying to locate. Here you may also see all the devices opened with the same Apple ID. You can zoom in or out the map. If you are an avid Android user and accustomed to Google Maps and quite new to use this map, let us tell you, this works just like Google Maps. Pinch on the screen to zoom in or out.

Step 4

Now to locate a particular device that has been stolen or lost among all the green dots, select all devices.

Step 5

Here you will find a list of all the devices. Select the specific device and the map will show the location of this particular device. Choose the info button to open a new window with some options.

Step 6

If you think that your iPhone is somewhere near you, in your home or any place near, just click on the option Play Sound. It will make a loud noise on your phone and you can track it easily. By now you may think that you could do this step simply by calling your phone number from another device. Yes, you could but there’s a catch. What if your phone was on vibration or on a silent mode or on a low volume? You cannot track the phone with regular calling ringtone if any of the three options apply to it. But this app makes your phone ring on a loud tone even if it was initially set on a silent or vibrate mode or had a low ringtone volume.

Step 7

If you cannot track the device by applying the previous step, it may not be available nearby and you may need more time to find it. Meanwhile, you may not want anyone to find your device and access the data, right?

Here you can remotely lock your phone and set a new passcode. You can set the password remotely even if your device didn’t have any password initially. To set a passcode and make your device more secured, select Lost Mode. It will prevent other people from using your device and accessing all the data in it and exploit the data.

You can also use the Lost Mode to craft a message which displays on the screen of your device. That way you can put your alternative phone number or friend or family’s member’s contact details to ask the founder to get back to you. And if a generous person finds your phone, may contact you to return your phone.

Step 8

If you don’t have much hope of getting your phone back anytime soon, you may consider wiping out the phone memory remotely. That way the thief won’t be able to access your data and exploit it. If you have sensitive, private, or any personal data, including images, videos, or audios, you may erase these remotely. For this, you have to choose the option Erase iPhone.

However, remember that erasing all the data on your phone remotely will prevent you from searching it in the future with Find My iPhone. Nevertheless, if you have earlier saved these data in any other device (that is still with you) or uploaded in the drive, you won’t have any trouble retrieving it. In fact, the tech experts including us recommend you to store any important data in the drive. That way you can access all data anytime and anywhere. Also, these data will not be lost even if your phone is stolen or lost and you have to erase all data remotely. Nevertheless, make sure to use a strong password with alphanumerics and characters to protect your drive from getting hacked.

Step 9

If you think that your iPhone is mobile, you may tap the green dot on the map. It represents your phone and doing this will open a new window. Here select the round arrow to get the latest location update. Find My iPhone app on your lost device will use GPS data to constantly show you the updated location. That way you can easily track the thief and catch him or her red-handed.

The best part is that the thief will not know that you are tracking him or her. So they may not take any caution and you can leverage this opportunity to catch them.

When Find My iPhone May Not Work

We want to aware you of the situations where your device may not show in the map. The reasons can be as follow: The device is out of battery or turned off the location service is disabled.

What to do then

Even if the device doesn’t show up on the map, you can use the other three options: lost mode, play sound, and erase the iPhone as they are always available. You can use your choice of option and the next time you enable your device or the moment the thief turns the device on, you may track it on the map.

New Update on Internet Connection

Earlier, Find My iPhone couldn’t track your device if data connection or wifi was not available. By then the app could only leverage the information of your lost device if it was connected to a nearby open wi-fi or it had a mobile data network on.

But the real problem is, most of the people don’t always keep their mobile data active. The thief may also turn it off. Also, if the device is out of your sight and the thief is carrying it, there’s no certainty of getting a free accessible wi-fi network. This was a potential problem as Find My iPhone couldn’t properly work for most of the sufferers.

Thankfully, Apple manufacturers were humane enough to understand the problem and a few months ago they brought new technology. Now, Find My iPhone can track a mobile even when you do not connect your device to a mobile network or Wi-Fi.

How does it Work?

Nowadays, Find My iPhone leverage Bluetooth and the closeness to other nearby iOS devices.
When your lost iPhone or iPad or Mac is offline but maintains proximity with other devices, it’s able to connect to those devices via Bluetooth. This means that your device gets more and more trackable and there’s a high chance that you can locate and find it soon.

However, remember that tracking a device in this manner demand you to keep the Bluetooth enabled because the location needs to be shared with other devices via Bluetooth. Turning off the Bluetooth or making device power off or taking it to a place where there’s no other Apple device is around cannot track your phone. But if the device is on and has a Bluetooth connection, it will be potential to be trackable even without any mobile data connection or Wi-Fi connection.

How to Keep Your Phone Trackable

Here comes the most interesting part. Find my iPhone makes your device trackable, indeed, but you still have some responsibility in leveraging this benefit from the app. So, what do you have to do? A simple task really.

When you go out to a market place or any relative’s place, or anywhere for that matter, we suggest you turn your mobile data on. Don’t turn this off before getting into your phone. If you don’t have enough mobile data, you should keep your Bluetooth activated. Nevertheless, make sure that you protect your Bluetooth with a password. This will ensure no random external device divulges all the data from your device. We further suggest you follow the same procedure if there’s a large gathering at your place.


So, ideally, if you lose your phone, you can easily track it with Find My iPhone. We hope you found our article to be useful. Thank us later!

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