Find My Device: Locate Your Lost or Stolen Android Phone

Find My Device: Locate Your Lost or Stolen Android Phone

Locate your Android device with Google’s free android phone finder called “Find My Device”. Now even if the phone has no mobile data or Wifi connection.

It’s not unusual even to lose our phone. We often forget we have last kept and seen. And not to mention phone getting stolen. It can also fall off our pocket on the way.

So, what to do in such a situation! Of course, to visit the police station. Well, that’s not the only solution. Especially, it takes time to lodge an FIR and let the police search for it. Meanwhile, you can try your own hands and knowledge to keep looking for your phone, after all it’s YOUR smartphone.

Wondering how? Simple. You can do it with only one single android app.

How is that possible? Stick to the end of this article to learn everything about it. Oh, and don’t forget to share it with your friends.

Find My Device – A Brief Overview

Find My Device – A Brief Overview
Find My Device – A Brief Overview

The service we talk about is Find My Device. The best part of this app is that other than tracking the location of your android device via mobile network, GPS, and Wifi, and allowing you to pinpoint your device, the app can also operate offline to locate the device. (Don’t confuse it with the android device itself being switched off. What we mean to say is this app can track your device even if your smartphone doesn’t have an internet connection).

Download Find My Device

This is indeed a very interesting and beneficial feature. Because most of us do not keep the mobile data open all the time. Again, when mobile is out of our reach, we cannot be certain whether the place has free Wi-Fi connection or not. It’s very unlikely that a thief, especially who has a little tech knowledge will keep the device internet on. In such a scenario, general app trackers cannot function or track the android device because these need the phone to have mobile data or internet connection or GPS active.

But Find My Device doesn’t require it. Why?

Basically, the secret to its operation is the android device uses other devices’ Bluetooth around it. And globally, most of users use android phones. That way the app increases the possibility of finding your smartphone or even tablet. And due to the privacy concerns, Google keeps all the data encrypted and anonymous. So your data cannot be tracked by other devices whose Bluetooth is being used. Neither can their data be encrypted by your device. It truly works in a discreet manner.

Remember, this post is about to discuss Find My Device only for android phones. Find My Device doesn’t work on iOS systems like Apple iPhone or Mac. For that, Apple has a distinct app called Find my iPhone which works in a similar manner as this one does for android devices. If you have an iPhone, we recommend you to check out another post on Find my iPhone for lost or stolen iPhone devices.

What is Find My Device

What is Find My Device
What is Find My Device

If your android phone or tablet gets stolen or lost, Google offers a free tool to help you find it back. Even if you cannot get it back, you may use this tool to remotely resist the thief from obtaining your private and important and sensitive data. This android device recovery tool is known as Find My Device. It’s part of the Cloud system and it tracks the present GPS location of the smartphone along with its network connection in order to locate it on the Google map for executing some actions for controlling it remotely.

By now you must be wondering how you can use this tool to remotely delete or erase the data of your phone. No worry. We are here to resolve all your queries about Find My Device. Check out the following passages to learn how to erase the data.

How to Use Find My Device to Erase Data or Find the Device

How to Use Find My Device to Erase Data or Find the Device
How to Use Find My Device to Erase Data or Find the Device

The first thing to remember before using Find My Device is that you must install the app in your phone before losing it. In fact, we suggest you download the app and install it just when you get a new phone. If you already have purchased a phone and reading this article now, go to the play store and get your hands on the phone.

You may install the app either from Google Play Store or any third-party site. But we recommend you to use the Play Store as it is safe and secured. On the other hand, with a third party site, you cannot guarantee its security. While downloading you will have to agree to its terms and conditions and you will have to give it access to monitor your device data. If you are installing it from an unsafe third-party site, your personal or official data can be divulged, your phone can be tracked, or your bank account details or any other personal account including social media account can be hacked.

More Tutorial For Find My Device At: https://support.google.com/android/answer/3265955?hl=en

Quick Tips

Here’s a quick tip if you are downloading Find My Device from a third party site. Check if the search bar contains a green lock sign. This is a symbol of a trustworthy site. Stay away from the sites that contain the phrase “not secure” in the address bar. However, with time, the hackers to are getting smart and advanced and the latest designs may spam your phone in a different way. So it’s better to rely on Google Play Store.

Anyway, no matter from wherever you are downloading Find My Device, it will automatically start and run in the background. And don’t worry about the phone battery getting drained. It will not drain your battery as it only works when another device tries to track it or send any instruction (as you will do in case of the phone gets stolen or lost. We will discuss it in the procedure section).

How to Locate a Phone with Find My Device

How to Locate a Phone with Find My Device
How to Locate a Phone with Find My Device

Once you have set the service, you can employ two distinct methods to track the phone.

  1. Use the Cloud website
  2. Find My Device – open it on any android device to track any phone, either yours or anyone else’s. But make sure to find only the android devices and tablets. Find My Device can not find iOs devices like Mac or iPhone.

Here’s how you can use the Cloud to find your phone

  1. Visit Cloud.com and log into the same Google ID that you have used to log into the android device.
  2. Next, hit the find phone button to search for all the devices already logged in with this Google ID.
  3. You will see a map. Here the app automatically zooms in the map to show a green dot of the device you are trying to track. You can zoom in or out in the map using Google Map service.
  4. If you can see multiple dots (multiple accounts/devices opened with the same Google ID), you may track a specific device by simply selecting All devices.
  5. Next up, select one device on the map, then pick the info icon that displays a distinct window with several options.
  6. If you think your device is lost at your home or it is somewhere around it, you may click on the Play Sound button. It will start ringing the smartphone even if it is on silent or vibration mode. The noise is loud enough for you or anyone to track the device.
  7. If you want to remotely lock the device and set up a password, select the Lost Mode. It prevents any other person to use the device and access your personal data. This will work and set up a password even if you haven’t set the password already on the device. However, we recommend you to set up a passcode the moment you buy a phone. It prevents others to access your phone without your help.

Here’s an additional tip for the lost mode

Here's an additional tip for the lost mode
Here’s an additional tip for the lost mode

You can use this mode while writing a message. Here you may send an SMS to the lost phone’s number. The phone will display your contact information (your alternative phone no. or your friend’s or family member’s contact details). Someone who has got your phone (in case he or she is not a thief) may contact you following the message instruction. Here you can generate the content of the message instead of hitting a sample and automatic message.

You can also wipe out the phone data remotely if you think there’s no possibility to get back the phone anytime soon. For that, you have to choose the option “Erase Android”. You can erase any sensitive, official, private data including images and thereby prevent anyone to unethically get access to your personal data. You can also erase your bank details so that these don’t get divulged.

But you need to bear in mind that erasing the data also prevents you to find it on the phone if you ever get it back. However, if all the data has a backup on Google Drive, you don’t have to worry. You can easily access these data from any other device. In fact, all the tech experts including us suggest you do that. If you think you want to save your memory of the past images or have some important data on your phone or laptop, it’s better to keep a backup in Google Drive. That way, even if you lose the phone memory’s data or erase it, you will not entirely lose all the data. You can easily access and retrieve them from the Drive box.

More Tips for find lost phone at: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/7177579?hl=en

The green dot on the Google map

If you think the device is mobile or on the move, you can select the green dot on the Google map. It represents the location of your phone and you can track where it is moving and thus track the present GPS location of the phone.

Now the real problem is what if your phone is offline. Most often people don’t always have their mobile data turned on. Also, the device may not always be in close proximity to a Wifi connection. No worry. Find My Device has a solution for that as well. Check out the following to learn what you can do if your device is offline.

What to Do If your Android phone is offline

  1. Even when the device is not connected to the internet, it can play a sound when you hit the ring option. You can easily locate your device if it is near to you.
  2. You can lock your phone with a password and send an SMS with your contact details so that a generous recipient of the phone can return it back. And you can do this even when your phone does not have an online internet connection.
  3. Even if the smartphone is offline, you may choose to erase data. That way you can keep your privacy intact.

Can you track the device or not

Now, the real question is whether you can track the device or not when it doesn’t have an internet connection. Earlier, you couldn’t. It was not possible to track your phone’s GPS and you couldn’t see the green dot on the Google Map. You needed a GPS activated online phone that can help you to track the location of the device on Google Map.

But recently, with the rapid advancement of technology, this has changed. Now you can track the device even if it is not connected to the internet. Because the phone now leverages Bluetooth and proximity of other android devices near to it. Nowadays, most people have android devices and it’s not difficult to leverage Bluetooth connection from them. And Google strictly prohibits to encrypt any data from these nearby devices. Now does it divulge your lost phone’s data? So, it ensures users security.

It’s a high time to install Find My Device. Do it soon and thank us later!

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